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New Earth - J & C's Paradise on YouTube

Kathryn & Chakotay: If You Asked Me To

Who else could have said this than Kathryn noticing that Chakotay is dating Seven. An Endgame vid made for the VAMB Secret Santa 2009.
The video is the prologue to my story Christmas Eve, 2377.

Kathryn & Chakotay: I See You

Kathryn is awaken by a dream and is thinking about her relationship to Chakotay, barely daring to admit that she deeply loves him. This video is dedicated with all my heart to my dear friend and beta reader Elorie Alton. Million thanks to Elorie for the challenge!

Kathryn & Chakotay: You Are Loved-Don't Give Up!

Do you remember the episode Night? Kathryn is reproaching herself for stranding ship and crew in the DQ. Chakotay tries to help her to get out of her depression. This vid is dedicated to my betareader Joywriter.

Nature Boy & Starfleet Captain:
One Magic Day They Met

Nature Boy & Starfleet Captain: One Magic Day They Met (JC)
The title says it all: pure JC for drooling ;-)

Missing You, Kathryn!

The death of Admiral Kathryn Janeway.
Nothing’s left but a white pillar in the Federation Park in San Francisco.
During an investigation of a Borg cube she was assimilated and violated to death.
Eaten by the floor. She sacrificed her life for her friends.
Chakotay is stoned in his grief.
(TNG-Before Dishonor, VOY-Full Circle)
We miss you so much, Kathryn Janeway!
We have no doubt, that you’ll return!
A vid for the VAMB Janeway Lives Story Challenge 2009.

The video won the SECOND PLACE in a Multi-Fandom Contest on YouTube 2010.
Results Multi-Fandom Contest 2010

This vid was inspired by Without A Doubt (Delta Story)

Kathryn & Chakotay - Have Some Fun Back In AQ!

How it really should have been - no EndGAME, but "EndFUN" for JC when Voyager finally had reached Alpha Quadrant and Earth, respectively! An Endgame fixer upper. Music by Louie Cruz Beltran.

Kathryn & Chakotay: Tell Me What You Have To Say!

Tell Me What You Have To Say: Kathryn & Chakotay really should have told each other what they have to say... Louie Cruz Beltran said so too.
The matching sequel to this vid: Fanfic Love's Music (Elorie Alton)

Kathryn & Chakotay - Really A SPECIAL LOVE!

Kathryn & Chakotay - really a SPECIAL LOVE! The Angry Warrior Legend
- told by Louie Cruz Beltran.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Kathryn and Chakotay have to hide their love away...

This Is What I Want or This Body

This is what I want! Kathryn Janeway is "only" a woman...

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