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Kathryn and Chakotay's Marriage at Starfleet Headquarters; San Francisco 2381

Kathryn Janeway is back to life! Summer 2381.

00.1 'When in doubt look here' -  Never Doubt, Chakotay, 2011 00.2 Meeting In Venice In June 2380 - As Promised, 2011 00.3 Will You Marry Me, Kathryn, 2011 01 Bride And Groom Are Guided Into The Hall At Starfleet Headquarters 02 Captain Picard Marries Kathryn And Chakotay 03 Yes, I Will 04 The Kiss 05 Official Wedding Photo With All Friends 06 Official Wedding Photo 07 Kathryn Is Throwing Her Bridal Bouquet 08 Deanna Catches Kathryn's Bouquet 09 Finally Alone

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