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Bring Back Kathryn Janeway Campaign

Our Facebook group " BRING BACK KATHRYN JANEWAY! "was the heart of our Bring Back Janeway Campaign.
Now it turned into the heart of the Community of Kathryn Janeway Fans.

As some of you may have noticed, the captain of Star Trek Voyager, Kathryn Janeway has been killed in the recent Star Trek book "Before Dishonor" and according to those in charge of Pocket Books, the company who produces the different Star Trek books (including Full Circle and Unworthy), she will remain dead. In March of this year, after long years of protest actions and petitons, the cover of the newest Voyager Book "The Eternal Tide" was revealed and it was a picture of Kathryn Janeway’s face. Finally we got to see photos of the last two pages, and while that small glimpse did not give up the how or the why of the plot, it did feature a living, breathing, human Kathryn Janeway.

We won.

Here the two last pages of the book, confirming Janeway's comeback for all the members of our Facebook group right after the first copies of the book appeared in the book stores.

Read here about our successful campaign in original. It will stay here as witness what engaged fans are able to accomplish:

Bring back Kathryn Janeway
to the Star Trek universe!

As some of you may have noticed, the captain of Star Trek Voyager,
Kathryn Janeway, has been killed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel “Before Dishonor” and according to those in charge of Pocket Books, the company, which produces all the different Star Trek books, she will remain dead.

This was a very bad decision of the editors, who have said that Janeway has no more stories to tell.

Franchise owner CBS, who has to approve every Star Trek book before it gets published, had insisted that Janeway shouldn't be really dead but with the Q.
So there is still the question unanswered: Why did the Q take her? There has to be a purpose, which isn't told yet.
It is not difficult to write Janeway’s come back in a plausible way, because she is still with the Q. A lot of fan fiction writers made different suggestions with their stories already.

There are people, who demand some gratitude over Janeway getting to essentially live forever.
Gratitude about living in the Continuum??? Who ever saw Star Trek: Voyager would know, that Janeway HATED the stagnating life in the Continuum.
She – and we - would be grateful to die old and grey surrounded by her beloved ones.

Another aspect: The Star Trek characters are FICTIONAL characters, they DON'T HAVE TO die nor stay dead. See, that all male characters were brought back, no matter how old they were: Kirk, Spock, Sisko, Data, Trip…
This is what fictional characters for: To be idols for generations and it would be a shame to deny future generations of women to be inspired by Janeway as a smart commander, brilliant scientist and caring "mother" of the ship. No other Trek character ever inspired and even changed the life of thousands of women all over the world.


Scott Bakula (FedCon XX, 2011)

The writers and editors simply don't want to bring Janeway back.
I could prove that in a talk I had with Star Trek author David Mack at FedCon 2011. I asked him in front of two other fans and the seller at the Cross Cult Verlag book (German publishing company for Trek books) stand, if there would be any chance to get KJ back.
According to him all Star Trek books are planned till the end of 2012 and NOBODY (no writer nor editor) has ever mentioned KJ in these plans. For them she is DEAD. There would have to be a plausible reason that she is needed to bring her back.

David Mack also pointed out, that she deserved to die, because it was Janeway's fault that the Borg came to Earth for revenge after they recognized the humans as dangerous because Admiral Janeway had destroyed the transwarp hub and the Unimatrix complex AND she was over self-confident, arrogant and thought she could do all things by herself.

The writers have closed shop and present a united front that the decision to kill off Janeway was a good one. The ONLY time I've read people (fans) saying that this was a good decision was when they were avowed Janeway haters who then go on to list all the things they hated about her and why it's good she is dead. Yes, there are a lot of haters out there, all male from what I can see.

The reasons for the annihilation of Janeway are those, according to author Kirsten Beyer:

" Janeway's death was written not as exploitation, an attack on the fans, not by misogynist anti-feminists, or people who didn't love the character or her place in Trek. It was a chance to explore a new and different direction that for many of you, isn't appealing. But please remember that for all those who hate what's happened here, there are many who are enjoying the new stories and who applaud the huge risk that was taken in daring to imagine that a beloved captain could die and her crew would have to struggle to move forward."

Kirsten Beyer, 26.05.2011, " discussion Star Trek: Voyager “Children Of The Storm” "

That statement is not convincing. If they wanted to tell good stories, they should have kept Janeway, who is a great character to come up with stories about.

Voyager books without Janeway might be "Adventures in the Delta Quadrant", but they are NOT Star Trek: Voyager anymore, because every Star Trek series gets its own SPECIAL, UNIQUE character by the PEOPLE who are in them and especially the original main characters from the TV show. And those people are led by their UNIQUE CAPTAIN throughout the show.
We don't need new admirals and captains only "made of paper and letters", when Admiral Janeway and Captain Chakotay could rule the same show.
You can change technical supplies like ships, but you can't exchange people and still keep the unique character of a show on TV or a series of books.
Of course, every Star Trek series is about people, at least that was the idea of Gene Roddenberry. Why else did he show over and over again "THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGHT THE NEEDS OF THE FEW OR THE ONE." It is obviously that this isn't about ships. It is about PEOPLE, their friendships, loyalty and solidarity. Even so the other Star Trek motto "THE INFINITE DIVERSITY IN INFINITE COMBINATION" is not about ships at all. Who ever thought that didn't understand Roddenberry's message at all. And folks, I almost have the feeling that CBS lost Roddenberry's thread and TPTB in Simon and Schuster publishing company didn't get it at all, what makes Star Trek so special and unique and what it makes it so precious to its fans.

“It's just like a HUGE slap in the face for fans who want to see her return to have the writer of VOYAGER relaunch, Kirsten Beyer, defend her death as a good editorial decision over and over. It was not a good decision, it was a TERRIBLE decision. Just because there have been books that people have enjoyed and characters created that people have liked after her death does not make the death a good decision.”

Gillette, 26.05.2011, " discussion Star Trek: Voyager “Children Of The Storm” "

Instead they have managed to alienate many ardent Janeway fans and Star trek Voyager fans, who are sad and annoyed over the unnecessary and stupid annihilation of the character.

What we actually have here, is another example of unnecessary character destruction and arrogant behavior from "people in charge".

In 1999 Gail Simone came to the conclusion that Comic Book writers used the death, abuse and/or depowerment of female characters disproportionately as plot devices. This manner is called the "Women in Refrigerators Syndrome".
Is Kathryn Janeway a "Woman In A Refrigerator"?

The other thing I worry about is the clear sexism of these companies. Why else are more female main characters killed than male ones and why is NO female character allowed to come back with normal body and normal power (e.g. Janeway, Jadzia Dax, Tasha Yar, Kes...) while almost every male main character were resurrected after only a short time (Spock, Kirk, Sisko, Trip, Data...). Powerful women are simply put in the refrigerator that males don't feel bothered by them!

Or are female characters simply "just don't liked"?

"If you poll on Janeway as a character, the men reject her and the women like (if not adore) her. What's going on there? Star Trek: Voyager had an innate fatal flaw built into the very premise."

Author Jacqueline Lichtenberg has thoroughly analyzed the problems around "Star Trek: Voyager and Captain Janeway".

Mrs. Lichtenberg's article is even more important considering that the majority of Star Trek fans are female as an academic study about over 13300 fans proved recently.

"Today, many women credit their professional careers in the sciences, entertainment, medicine, the military, and more with having been influenced in some way by Star Trek".

"47% of Star Trek fans apparently think cosplayers are deviant" (on blastr - The Syfy Online Network).

The complete results were published on Star
"Following Fandom: A Brief Online Survey" (on Star
"Following Fandom: The Ongoing Analysis, Part 1 " (on Star
"Following Fandom: The Ongoing Analysis, Part 2 " (on Star

Just notice:

"You don't have to "have" sexist "attitudes" to be sexist.  You just have to inhabit a sexist structure and not contest it."

Kenneth James, 15.06.2011, in the blog "SF Signal".

Read more about the ethical direction Trek literature is going presently:
Essay and blog by Elorie Alton

Join our Bring Back Janeway Campaign we have re-launched in March 2010 and it will be continued until Janeway is back!

It's past time that Pocket Books returns Kathryn Janeway to the traditional Star Trek universe, this new book would be the perfect opportunity to return a loved character to Voyager. A Voyager Book without Kathryn Janeway is a misrepresentation.

The letter writing campaigns we are and were engaged in is one of the most effective tool we have, coupled with the refusal of buying Star Trek Books. Those business letters directed at individual officers and editors at Pocket Books are an extremely effective tool and our letters were read and read by the people we directed them to.

The truth is that any company engaging in any business gets so few letters either complaining or complementing an action, that each letter received is carefully read and noted because by the laws of average they know each one represents the same view of a great many people that haven't taken the time to write. Often just one letter has generated action!

The hardest and most frustrating part is that we have to wait to see if our letters made any impact, it took six months for Pocket Books to decide to terminate the former editor Margaret Clark, but they did and we believe they did because we took the time to write our letters and because they can see that their sales of Star Trek books are declining.

We truly believe it will last some time, before we see a book bringing her back, because that book hasn't even been written yet, but we also truly believe we will get that book. The books get planned years before they will be finally published. The editors of Pocket Books approve the storyline and finally CBS is the last obstacle the book has to pass. So the pathway of every book is a long process.

Every perceived notion is changing right now, from the way books are categorized to the way they are sold.

We have sown the seeds and now we are suffering the hardest part, the part where we can only wait to see if those seeds have taken root and will grow. We truly believe we will get a living Janeway back, but we know that this is going to take time.

That’s why we need your letter or your engagement in our Facebook group, from where we organize different actions on the internet. All this improves our chances for getting Janeway back!

Elorie Alton & Kathryn J.

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